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Steps for dogs getting in cars (Access solutions for older pets)

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Steps for dogs to get in cars

As pet dogs get older, we can sometimes forget how difficult it can be for them to access places like cars or even beds. Dogs can suffer from aching joints just like all of us.

Just because they are slowing down, it doesn’t mean they stop enjoying the freedom of getting out into a field or forest.

Helping your beloved family dog by providing them with steps or a ramp is best way to get them to where they need to go at height like a bed or sofa or into your vehicle.

Steps for dogs getting in cars | Steps for dogs to get in cars | Dog ramps for cars

If you have a dog that has problems getting into your car for example, you can get dog steps or ramps for your car.

These are sturdy metal platforms or steps that attach to various places on a car, mostly the rear bumper.

They’re stable enough for even very large dogs who like to sit in the rear.

If your dog is still young and full of energy, dog steps for cars may not solve the problem of jumping into the back seat, however, if this continues to be an issue after using dog steps, you may want to train him or her not to do it altogether.

Dog steps aren’t just useful in cars. They can also be excellent aids for older dogs when climbing stairs or simply reaching high places. A dog’s bed might be higher up in your home.

Dog steps can help your dog get to his favourite place like your bed or sofa. Remember that dog steps for cars or dog steps in general should be used with care.

Any dog stepping on them must feel secure and comfortable or they may shy away from using them for good. Purchasing a good quality piece of access equipment is obviously paramount.

In some cases, a very simple folding step stool could make all the difference. We have an article on folding step stools here.

Dog ramps for cars

Steps for dogs getting in cars | Steps for dogs to get in cars | Dog ramps for cars

A dog ramp can help your dog become more comfortable in your car, which is especially important if you are traveling long distances with your dog.

Your dog will feel less anxious when it knows it can safely get in and out of your vehicle.

Dogs aren’t stupid, if they know that after a journey has ended, they have to jump out, it will upset them.

Dog ramps are also good for older or lame dogs who have trouble jumping into a car or climbing steps because of arthritis or other conditions.

It’s much easier on the dog, and definitely nicer on the person taking them! The dog will be calmer in his own familiar area when he gets in, rather than getting stressed wondering how it is going to get into the car. How whole ethos is to minimise the stress on your family dog.

Some dog ramps can be made out of heavy duty plastic with rubber grippers on each end to keep the dog from slipping off the side during ascent/descent.

Some are made entirely of a foam material, while some have a hard shell that covers the underside of the ramp to also protect your car from being scratched.

A dog ramp can also be used for loading dogs into dog crates or kennels. Many dog ramps will fold up or collapse so you can carry them with you on walks or when camping or traveling in the car.

Others are sleek and compact so they take up little room when not in use.

They come in all shapes and sizes from short pet ramps for cats to large dog ramps for SUV’s to pickup type trucks that are popular today.

Dog ramps and dog steps for cars

Here at Best Ladder Access, we felt that ladders or stepped access was not only for us humans. We can often forget that our pets can also need a little help as they get older to access places higher up.

We have found some great solutions below that we’d like to share with you.

Dog ramps for cars

PetSafe Happy Ride Aluminium Lightweight Telescopic Dog Ramp

What we like:

Amazon Choice

Can carry a load up to 180Kgs

Textured surface for extra grip

Telescopic design adjusts to suit your vehicle

Very sturdy

What could be better:

Extending the sections is tricky at first but manageable

Here at Best Ladder Access, we started looking at the slightly cheaper plastic options which in most cases would be an excellent choice. They don’t however feel as robust as the aluminium type ramps.

There are also cases of them breaking. The PetSafe Happy Ride dog ramp however is one of the best choices for its price point. Made from aluminium box sections, this makes this choice much stronger and durable than its plastic rivals.

In fact this choice can take loads of up to 180 Kgs which is astonishing. It also benefits from a textured surface to provide extra grip for your pet giving it confidence when using it.

It’s also very lightweight considering it’s strength. The ramp reduces in size thanks to its telescopic design. It can be a little tricky at first but once done a few times becomes second nature.

This choice is strong, stable and durable and give your pet the confidence to use straight away.

Dog steps for cars

YEP HHO 4 Step Folding Pet Stair Steps for Medium and Large Dogs

What we like:

Adjustable height, length and angle

Slip resistant

Max load 150 pounds

Very lightweight and compact

What could be better:

The boot catch strap can be fiddly until mastered

The 4 step folding pet stairs from YEP HHO is a great piece of kit if your pet dog can still negotiate steps and doesn’t need a ramp.

The foldable metal frame is of high quality and the stair material is made of PVC Oxford cloth making it waterproof, scratch resistant, drop proof and slip resistant.

This product is perfect for large, older or injured dogs getting up and down from a car or 4×4. A clever and lightweight ‘accordion’ type design makes this choice easy to store and carry.

It folds into a very small size and takes up little space in the car. They are very strong, very sturdy and easy to fold and unfold. The quality is excellent for its price point.

Dog ramp for sofa

High Density Foam 3 Step Dog Stair Ramp

What we like:

High density foam

Zipped cover

Machine washable

Anti skid base

What could be better:

Heavier dogs could cause it to slide

At some stage in a pets life, it will get increasing difficult for them to access furniture….if they’re allowed on it of course!

This simply designed stepped ramp made from high density foam is perfect for small to medium sized and older pets suffering from arthritis that need help to get onto your sofa.

From being made of comfy but firm high density foam, it doesn’t deflect excessively while your pet climbs it. It’s great feature is that the fleece cover is anti pressure and anti slip ensuring your pet is sure under foot.

Your dog or cat even will climb this and thank you!

BALLSHOP Adjustable Solid Wood Dog Ramp

What we like:

150 Kg max load

Slip resistant carpet

Adjustable with 2 height settings

What could be better:

Carpet could be more resistant for some dogs

The adjustable solid wood pet dog ramp is a great contender to throw in. It has a non slip surface, is collapsible and is suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

It’s ideal for senior pets or those pets with joint mobility issues.

A great feature is that it has two height settings, 30cm and 40cm. It’s very well made, is sturdy, light weight and easily stowed away. We think it’s great value for money.

Its maximum weight capacity of 150kg means it will cope with most, if not all dogs.

Final thoughts

If you have a dog, there can be many benefits to using a pet ramp or steps for your car. Some of these reasons include preventing injury on their joints and muscles by lifting them up into the vehicle.

It also provides vital exercise because they need to walk back down after getting out of the car.

You may even find that it helps with training as dogs can be more focused when walking rather than jumping in and out of cars. Ramps come in so many shapes, sizes, designs and price points.

Hopefully we have given you some help or at least food for thought making one easy enough to find no matter what type of budget you’re working within!