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Folding kitchen step stools (What should you go for?)

  • By: Gareth
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Retro kitchen stool with folding steps

Folding kitchen step stools are fantastically useful because of their flexibility and range of scenarios that they can help you with.

They collapse up easily, so folding kitchen step stools can be kept in a hallway cupboard, kitchen base unit, utility room or a garage and pulled out when needed.

This makes them perfect for being right there when needed in the kitchen without taking up too much storage space.

In addition, a retro kitchen stool with folding steps might have some extra features on top of being folding, which is part of what makes folding kitchen step stools so helpful around the house.

If you like the idea of having wooden steps, we have an additional article on wooden step ladders here.

Rubber padding on top might make it easier to grip securely while you’re standing on it. Some folding kitchen step stools might even have a padded seat.

This folding design also makes them more portable, which can allow you to move them about with ease.

Folding step stools can be made from either plastic, wood or metal. All would have been tested thoroughly so they are robust enough to stand on.

You don’t need to wait for them to be brought back upstairs or out of the garage. Instead, folding kitchen step stools are easy to pick up and bring around where they are needed.

They can also be used outside for a variety of tasks. Things like watering hanging baskets for example.

Folding kitchen step stools might seem like an unnecessary purchase at first glance but once you actually use one, a folding kitchen step stool will quickly become something that you rely upon every day.

Folding kitchen step stools are an incredibly useful addition to the home and can make a great addition.

We’ll talk about the reasons why every home should have one and put forward some folding step stools for you to take a look at.

Folding kitchen step stool – Why would I need one?

As we touched upon previously, folding kitchen step stools might seem unnecessary but once you actually use one, it will quickly become something that you may use almost every day.

There are a number of reasons why folding kitchen step stools offer more flexibility than they initially appear to offer, compared to other steps and ladders.

Some kitchen step stools have been designed with unique ergonomics that make them better suited for providing assistance in your home as well as being extremely easy to store away.

The most common reason for needing a folding kitchen step stool is if you have taller kitchen units and the person trying to access them cannot reach. By not being able to access these cupboards, storage space is reduced.

They might also used when there is some work going on near the top of the cupboards like accessing unit lights or electrics for example.

Another reason for having some to hand would be access storage on top of wardrobes maybe. My wife is only 5 feet 2 inches tall and always used to complain about not being able to reach storage wicker baskets on top of ours!

Further uses include cleaning and checking ceiling mounted fire and smoke alarms which I’m sure you’ll agree is really important.

With them being so useful inside, we use them outside also. My wife uses them to water hanging baskets to the front and rear of our home and they also come in very handy when that extra height is needed to wash the car roof!

More inside uses for these folding step stools would changing light bulbs or high level dusting. Friends of ours have small toddlers and they use the folding kitchen step stools to stand on whilst baking and making pastry amongst other things.

The advantages of these useful steps are that they are small, compact, fold away neatly and can be stored in kitchen cupboards or utility cupboards.

This means that they are instantly and readily available when you need them. They are also light enough so they can pushed around with your feet and easily picked up.

In summary

Many uses include:

Reaching tall kitchen unit shelves to maximise storage

Reaching on top of kitchen units to access kitchen lighting

Helping toddlers reach kitchen work surfaces

Helping toddlers climb onto toilets

Changing light bulbs

Testing and dusting ceiling mounted fire or smoke alarms

Washing the car roof

Watering hanging baskets

…..the list goes on and I’m sure you can think of more uses for them.

The main advantages are that they are quite cheap, light, compact and easily stored. Clever materials and design mean that they can take a persons weight easily also.

What should I go for?…..our recommendations!

Okay, now we have talked about what these little folding kitchen step stools are, what they are very useful for and the advantages of owning some, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting some that are fit for purpose.

It’s of no use getting a set only for them to break or collapse with you on them…..and then having to replace them.

At Best Ladder Access, we have done some work and have present some of our recommendations for you on these very handy steps.

Smaluck Folding Kitchen Step Stool

What we like:

Max load capacity of 300 lbs/150 Kg

Weighs just 1 Kg

Amazon Choice

What could be better:

Just need to watch toddlers fingers when folding

This folding step stool from Smaluck is of the typical plastic variety of this step. We liked this one even though it’s very lightweight and folds flat, it can cope with a load of up to 150 Kg.

It can be used inside and outside for a wide variety of tasks need that extra boost nine inch boost up. We also liked the extra grippy rubber dots on the foot pad and the slip resisting rubber feet for peace of mind.

The edges have been rounded making it safer for kids not having to negotiate sharp corners. Folding and unfolding is simplicity itself and when flat, stows away in most places.

This very competitively priced folding step would be a welcome addition to any home.

Jiodux Wooden Step Stool

What we like:

Max capacity load of 300 lbs

Made from strong Beech wood

Grippy slip resistant pads on top

Rubber grip pads on feet

What could be better:

Just watch toddlers fingers when folding

We liked the Jiodux wooden step stool because not only do we like things that are made of timber, but due to the fact that this is well made an looks great!

Being made from Beech wood, it gives it bags of strength and can cope with loads up to 300 pounds or 150 Kgs. It just looks and feels great for kids and its rounded off edges avoid any little accidents against small legs.

Like the previous example, it benefits from slip resistant pads on the foot plate and also on the bottom of the legs. This resists any movement and prevents floors from being scratched.

Being made from wood, it’s a little heavier than a similar sized plastic version but it still comes in well under 2 Kgs. No additional installation is needed as it’s ready to go from the box.

VonHaus 2-Step Folding Stool

What we like:

Has 2 steps for height flexibility

Folds very flat for its design

Max load of 150 Kgs

Has locking hinge for safety

Slip resistant treads and feet

What could be better:

Just need to watch the feet on a shiny floor

The 2 step folding stool from VonHaus had to be put forward. This is a very well designed step that benefits from some great features.

For a start, having two steps gives you the flexibility of using having two heights to choose from. This can avoid having to potentially purchase another set of steps.

Being made from metal, they are slightly heavier than our other offerings but the payoff is the sturdiness of them. They fell like they will easily cope with the 150 Kgs max load.

What we liked is the way it folds incredibly flat which gives it a very narrow profile for storage. Another good safety feature is the locking hinge which locks the legs when opened giving you great confidence.

The tread sizes are great also giving you increased stability when standing on them.

Final thoughts

A retro kitchen with folding steps is a really handy piece kit that sometimes gets overlooked. Even though they maybe thought of as only being used in the kitchen, they are so much more versatile.

Okay, they are great for smaller people to reach the higher kitchen cupboards but their uses are plenty.

From helping toddlers reach worktops and toilets, from changing light bulbs and maintaining smoke alarms to washing SUV roofs and watering baskets.

A small set of steps could save you plenty of time and possibly avoid an injury.

We hope this article has been helpful and given you some ideas. You can find a complete list of articles on Best Ladder Access by clicking here.