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Ladder Levellers (Making your access safer!)

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Ladder Leveller

A ladder leveller is basically a ladder accessory that can comprise of either simple heavy duty rubber matting sections or a more sophisticated purpose made adjustable metal type.

They ensure your ladder stays vertical on uneven ground to increase your safety.

The rubber matting pieces are made from heavy duty rubber that resists deflection and provides a slip resistant adjustable surface. They can also be layered to build up to the height you need.

The more sophisticated metal versions can provide a much wider base footprint for a ladder which drastically increases stability. The ladder can then be levelled using an adjustable pivot and flat plate.

They very often also come with a strap so the accessory and the first rung of the ladder can fix rigidly fixed so they can’t move independently.

Why use a ladder leveller?

Using a ladder levelling system can massively increase safety by keeping your ladder in the correct position. They get used in situations like sloping driveways or footpaths.

These accessories are used because they are a lot more reliable than using things like timber off cuts or bricks for example.

The accessories are also a lot more accurate in their adjustability so levelling is perfect.

Here are some of the best examples we could find

Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser

What we like:

Provides a large base footprint for superb stability

Levels a ladder up to a 1 in 3 incline or decline

Has an additional first rung strap for stability

Well made 

What could be better:

Takes a few minutes to perfect getting it level

The Big Grip can also be used on level ground to help minimise lateral slip of the ladder base. It has a large footprint area of over 480 sq inches ( 24ins long x 20ins wide) which also provides great grip.

It can be used on sloping ground up to a 1 in 3 incline or decline. 

A pivoting adjuster allows the ladder footplate to remain level on ground which is up to 8 inches lower at one end than the other which is great news for homeowners that have house elevations next to a sloping driveway or footpath.

An integral quick release strap enables the ladder to be secured in the footplate affording greater stability and reassurance.

This accessory reduces the need for a second person to ‘foot’ the ladder.

The adjustable height tray accepts ladders up to a maximum overall dimension of 130mm x 485mm.

A unique feature are the swivelling slip resistant corner feet and their threaded stems. These pivot and adjust to overcome even the most uneven ground. 

The rubber parts appear tough and long lasting but if replacements are ever needed, they can normally be found in stock if they should wear down. 

The Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser is robustly constructed from steel tube with a zinc plated finish. 

LadderMat Ladder Leveller Anti-Slip (Mats) 

What we like:

Simple and easy to use

Great price

Height adjustment built up with mats

What could be better:

Simple but doesn’t provide additional lateral support

Ladders can sometimes suffer on sloping or uneven ground. The LadderMat  provides a solution to all of these.

Four mats made from heavy duty rubber matting with are linked by a sturdy metal loop.

The nodules in the mats provide a slip resistant surface and the metal loop locks the mats that go under the ladder feet.

They can also be put under both ladder feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.

We found this a very simple solution to a common problem.

They can level your ladder, reduce the potential for slippage and reduce your ladder from sinking into soft ground.  

Final thoughts

Which ever ladder levelling system you decide to go for, it will be massively safer than using whatever you have lying around. When working at height, you can’t be too careful and using timber pieces or bricks for example could be hazardous.

The purposely designed ladder levellers have greater adjustability so levelling can be perfect.

These solutions tend to be used with extendable ladders.

You can find our article on extendable ladders here.

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