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Hop up platform (Essential guide)

  • By: Gareth
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Working platforms

Hop ups or working platforms are generally small steps that have a solid top to stand on. The hop up or platform usually has foldable legs and locking mechanisms to prevent it from moving around or collapsing while standing on top of it.

Some larger hop ups are installed with wheels so that they can easily be moved if needed. They are typically used when employees have to get to reach slightly higher places, but need some sort of foothold in order to do routine work.

These heights are generally no more than 600mm in height. A hop up is also known as a working platform.

A hop up is usually made out of metal, usually aluminium and has quite a simple look and feel about it. They can come in various sizes and shapes, some rectangular, some square but all are very robust and a very popular addition to a tool kit.

They are popular because they are light and can be pushed or kicked around to be relocated and can take a lot of punishment. The side legs usually have at least one rung so it can be walked up and onto the working platform.

In a slightly more robust situation where the task has a longer duration and working above your head is involved, a podium tower might be more suitable. In fact, you can further read our article on podium steps and podium towers here.

Typical site personnel who use hop ups are plasterers or electricians for example. People who need that little extra height to plaster a ceiling or install lighting or cabling.

In a domestic setting, they are perfect for accessing taller ceilings, hanging baskets etc.

Many dog owners use shallow hop up platforms to help their dogs access a car for example. We also have an article in which we look at the best ways to help older dogs access cars and suggest some solutions in steps for dogs getting in cars here.

One great application for them is to make it a lot easier to access your car roof box. In fact, we have a great article on some perfect ways to access your car roof box easier in how to reach your car roof box here.

They can also double up as a work bench for sawing timber for instance. I’ve even used mine as additional seats during barbeques!

Another application is where you might need that little extra height to access a caravan roof. In fact you can read our article on the best ways to clean a caravan roof in cleaning a caravan roof here.

Hop up step

As you can see from the picture, a hop up step is a simple piece of kit. This is a typical hop up that my dryliners are using on site for short duration works to plasterboard ceilings and was actually taken in one of my plots!

Hop up platform | Working platforms

You can see that this example is an aluminium rectangular type and has the foldable legs as previously described.

The legs have a centre rung either side so it can be walked up and each foldable leg has a specially designed locking hinge which prevents the legs from folding back on themselves when in use.

This example has a one handed locking mechanism and the foot rung height is adjustable.

Hop up platform 600×600

Here on the right is an example of a typical square type hop up platform.

Hop up platform | Working platforms

As you can see, this example also has foldable legs with locking mechanisms, is made from aluminium and has an additional rung in the foldable legs to add strength and rigidity as well as providing a useful ladder rung for you to step up onto the platform.

These are also very much used in the construction industry and are liked due to their bigger platform size.

This offers a greater coverage of a work area due to the larger footprint and having to move the platform less frequently.

Working platform for stairs

Hop up platform | Working platforms

Working platforms for stairs come in many different designs, styles and sizes. All are designed for working at height on stairs because they can be stepped and yet maintain a level platform.

For working platforms for stairs to be practical, it has to have a flat surface that is level and stable so users can perform their work safely.

Some designs allow for two workers to use them simultaneously which means they are more efficient than some other similar products.

Working platforms for stairs have been created to allow working at height when there is limited space. Some working platform designs can be used in combination with a ladder so it does not interrupt the working process.

Other working platform designs are designed specifically for stair working and these can sit beside or on top of existing stairs.

Working platforms for stairs have been developed to fit into tight spaces and small work areas where ladders cannot easily reach.

They enable workers to perform tasks safely without complex safety procedures being implemented. They give a cost effective option for improving safety when working at height, especially around stairs that might not usually be suited to using a work ladder due to their design, size or purpose.

Hop up work platform

As we have mentioned, hop ups and hop up type working platforms come in many designs, sizes and heights. With the vast array to choose from, there will definitely be something that will suit your needs.

The things to think about are typically what height you need to achieve, how wide do I need the platform? Does it need to be flexible enough to cope with steps or stairs? Do I need something I can push around with my feet?

We have chosen a few of the best examples for most tasks.

Oypla 150kg Folding Aluminium Work Platform Step Up Bench

What we like best:

Amazon choice

150 kg load capacity

Excellent price point

Safety locks


What could be better:

Locking mechanism can be fiddly at first but is robust

Can be squeaky but is a minor thing!

The Oypla folding platform is a perfect choice for both the professional and homeowner. This is a working platform in its simplest form.

The platform is made from high quality aluminium making it strong and sturdy and well as lightweight and very portable.

This platform also benefits from having slip resisting rubber feet for extra safety and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The platform also folds flat for easy transport and storage.

It’s simple to use and can be also used as a work bench or even an additional bench seat in the garden for a barbeque!

Youngman Odd Job 600 Large Low Level Professional Work Platform

What we like:

Amazon choice

Ribbed slip resistant platform

Rubber slip resistant feet

What could be better:

Hard to find anything that could be bettered!

Coming from the manufacturer Youngman, you will know in the trade that this piece of kit will be at the top of its game and it can’t be bettered. This is the preferred choice of site workers.

The Odd Job 600 is a tough, low level platform constructed from aluminium for easy handling from its lightweight nature.

Providing an impressive platform size of 600mm x 600mm, it is double the footprint of our previous example.

Ideal for most trades and homeowners who need a solid, stable platform to work just off the ground. The Odd Job 600 has been designed to help the user meet the latest regulations.

Multifunction Multipurpose 4.75M (15.5ft) 4×4 Aluminium Telescopic Folding Extension Ladder with Platform

What we like:

Huge flexibility

Perfect for multiple tasks around the home

Stabiliser bars on top and bottom sections

Excellent price point

What could be better:

Platform sections are extra

We love the Multipurpose platform here at Best Ladder Access. This is mainly due to its flexibility and multi purpose nature. Its excellent price point also makes it hard to ignore.

The only minor thing was that we felt the platform inserts could of been included but they don’t in fact cost that much more. We feel that they are a must have with this platform system.

Built to the European standard en131 and constructed of aluminium alloy, it’s lightweight, robust, very durable and designed for a maximum load 150kg which is 300lbs in old money!

Stabilising bars at each end is a great feature and with rubber pads fitted for added security, it feels very stable. Easily collapsible, it folds up neatly saving valuable storage space.

The ladder platform system has a cleverly designed safety catch in which it can be fixed into multiple positions for all purposes. Be sure to lock the mechanisms securely and listen for the ‘click’.

This could be the only ladder platform you’ll need!