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Replacement Bunk bed ladders (What to look for!)

  • By: Gareth
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Bunk bed metal ladder

In its simplest form, bunk bed ladders are used to access the top bunk of stacked bunk beds.

Bunk beds are traditionally fixed bunk bed sets which are placed on top of each other.  There may be bunk bed ladders on one end of the bunk bed set, providing access to the top bunk.  

However, they can also be found at both ends of the bunk bed set providing access from either end.

They are usually made of metal or wood and are often attached with hinges to allow for easy movement. Bunk bed ladders can also be fixed vertically or at an angle.

Some setups for extra fun have a slide from the top bunk for additional excitement! Some bunk beds have stairs built in, adding another dimension to their purpose.

Stairs may include storage space underneath them, flip up steps so they do not take up floor space when not in use or fold out steps that unfold automatically with a remote control operated device hidden underneath the bunk bed!

Bunk bed ladders are designed to be sturdy and secure so that the bunk bed set stays stable.

This is not only for safety purposes but also because bunk bed ladders can help increase sales of bunk beds since they allow more than one person to sleep on the bunk beds at a time!

Keeping in mind that bunk bed ladders provide an easy way to access the top bunk, some designs include handles or grips which allow people who just want some alone time on the top bunk to pull themselves up instead of climbing up the ladder.

Other forms of bunk bed ladders may look somewhat like stairs. They are fixed in place along each side of the bunk bed set allowing access from either end. These are usually made out of wood.

This bunk bed set is usually more expensive than the traditional bunk bed ladders attached to one end of the bunk bed set.

An alternative design to bunk bed ladders is a bunk bed ladder that unfolds automatically with the push of a remote control button or pull of a manual lever hidden underneath the bunk mattress.

These bunk beds are designated with their own floor space and do not need an additional room for installation.

Bunk beds were invented in 1905 by Edwin Baker in Upper Norwood London, England because he could find no other way to make use of his small bedroom space.

At that time, they were known as “Berth Beds” and consisted simply  of a bunk bed for sleeping and a large chest of drawers or “dresser” with storage space underneath the bunk to store clothing.

Bunk beds come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs from bunk bed ladders to bunk bed staircases!

The bunk bed ladder is a useful component for bunk beds because it helps make bunk beds truly multi-functional by allowing people to sleep on top as well as use the bottom bunk for sitting, putting their belongings away or playing video games.

This simple invention has made life easier for many people as they fit into small spaces such as small bedrooms, apartments and mobile homes!

Bunk bed ladder with hooks

Bunk bed ladder hooks are a useful and arguably, an essential item to have attached to bunk bed ladder. These are mainly installed for safety and to prevent eager children climbing to a top bunk pulling the ladder away from the bunk.

When bunk beds with a ladder are purchased, they often come complete with ladder hooks that allow the bunk bed ladder to be attached to the top bunk without any issues.

However, if you have bunk beds with a ladder and no ladder hooks, it can seem impossible to install them.

In most cases, this is only because the bunk bed company has not pre-drilled holes for your bunk bed ladder hooks so you will need to drill some yourself prior to installation.

In other cases though it may simply be because the bunk bed hooks have been lost over time. Some bunk bed ladder hooks often just hook over a side bar so will not need any installation.

Even if you already have bunk bed hooks attached to your bunk bed ladder there are times when a new set of bunk bed hook replacements is required because they have been damaged or bent.

Bunk bed ladders with handrails

For additional safety and peace of mind, some bunk bed ladders come with handrails attached. These bunk bed ladders with handrails are designed to be installed on bunk beds if children need the extra security of something to grab.

If you have bunk beds and kids are unsure, you should think about bunk bed ladders that come with handrails attached.

Some people think they will save money by buying bunk bed ladders without handrails, but they actually end up spending more money because they need to buy new bunk bed ladders after the old ones break or fail to provide adequate safety for children.

Bunk bed ladders with handrails are safe and reliable for kids of all ages, including toddlers who may require extra supervision near bunk beds.

Caravan bunk bed ladder

Caravans and camper vans very often have useful bunk beds either full height in a caravan or in an elevating pop top roof of a camper. A bunk bed ladder in these cases are an essential piece of kit to access these higher bunks.

A bunk bed ladder will need to be available if the van has a bunk bed as they are often at times too high for kids and adults without ladders.

In most cases, they would have to be removable as they could obstruct any limited space inside the caravan or camper.

If chosen wisely, the type of ladder could also be used externally to access luggage on a roof storage area or carry out maintenance whilst on holiday. These ladder types could of a telescopic type.

You can read more about telescopic ladders in our article here.

Bunk bed ladder replacement

For many reasons, at some time a bunk bed ladder may need replacing. Depending on the bunk bed ladder type, there are a few options for replacement.

If the bunk bed is not too old and the ladder still works, replacing the bunk bed ladder may not be necessary.

However, if it is quite old or damage has occurred, replicating or re-designing bunk bed ladders can be expensive, so a replacement is more likely than trying to repair what already exists.

The bunk bed ladders that are narrow with diagonal steps tend to wear out quicker than other bunk bed ladders. This is because they put more pressure on each step as you climb up or down.

The thin metal strips that make up these ladders do not withstand the active play of children very well over time.

Excessive use will bend and warp them making them difficult to repair. If any damage has been found, it really is the safest option to replace them.

Bunk bed accessories

Additional or replacement bunk bed ladders are not the only accessories available. Bunk bed accessory options are practically endless, and they can be one of the most exciting parts about bunk beds.

Bunk beds come in a variety of shapes and styles so it’s no wonder there is such a large selection of bunk accessories to choose from as well!

There are things like privacy or blackout curtains, lighting options and nifty storage options. Not forgetting the desk and chair options for the most studious of children.

You can take a look at some great bunk bed accessory ideas over on Amazon here!

Bunk bed ladder suggestions

JLXJ Telescopic hook on bunk bed, caravan or campervan ladder

What we like:

Comes in 4 different sizes

Max load capacity of 330 pounds

Comes with hooks that are height adjustable

What could be better:

Is a little expensive but is built to last!

For a metal bunk bed ladder option, it does not get more sturdy than this. This has been load tested to withstand up to 300 pounds so it will take the punishment and is built to last.

The metal ladder is adjustable and comes with hooks more importantly.

One nice feature is that the hook attachments are height adjustable so it can be fitted perfectly.

Wooden bunk bed ladder – Pine/Slanted

What we like:

Made from solid pine

Includes two ladder hooks

Universal and fits most bunk beds

What could be better:

Assembly is needed albeit quite easy!

This offering has been chosen because a lot of bunk beds are made from timber and having a matching ladder can make all the difference.

This ladder is made in the UK from solid pine so is very sturdy. It also ships with two hook overs so the ladder will not pull away from a bunk bed.

For ease of postage, these ladders do come separated so some assembly required. This assembly however is very easy for most people.

A very worthy contender for the price point.

ZXXL Wood Bunk Bed Ladder with Handrails

What we like:

Load capacity of 150 Kg/300 Lbs

Multi angle rubber feet

Solid timber

Has hand rails for extra stability

Mounting accessories are included

What could be better:

A little more expensive but build to last!

Our final offering is this solid timber bunk bed ladder from ZXXL. We liked this one because as well as being very sturdy, it also comes with some very welcome handrails that are totally in keeping with the way the ladder looks.

The treads are nice and deep so are more comfortable under foot and the rubber feet are hinged so will self adjust to the correct angle.

These ladders come with a full fitting kit which is simple to fit for most.